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nFocal has extensively written or presented about the entire range of the product development process. Our resources, including journal and magazine publications and conference presentations are available below or via email at info@nfocal.com.

Magazine and Journal Publications

  • Securing Embedded Devices, Embedded Systems Programming, September 2003
  • Parsing with JavaCC, Java Report, June 2001
  • Design by Contract for C Programmers, Embedded Systems Programming, July 2000


Conference Presentations

  • Service-Oriented Architectures for Embedded Systems, Embedded Systems Conference, 2006
  • Using SSH to Access Your Device, Embedded Systems Conference, 2004 – 2005
  • Requirements Analysis for Embedded Systems, Embedded Software Development Conference, 2004
  • Optimizing Java Performance for Embedded Systems, Embedded Software Development Conference, 2004
  • Securing Communications with an Embedded Device, Embedded Software Development Conference, 2004
  • Internet Security for Java, Rochester Java Users Group, 2003
  • Productivity Tools in JDK 1.4, Rochester Java Users Group, 2002
  • Architecting an Embedded Software Solution, Embedded Systems Conference, 2002 – 2004
  • Internet Security: The Basics, Embedded Systems Conference, 2001 – 2005
  • Developing a Java Technology-based TrueType Font Renderer, JavaOne, 2000
  • Parsing with the Java Compiler Compiler Toolkit, JavaOne, 2000
  • Using iContract and Design by Contract Techniques, JavaOne, 2000
  • A Java Technology-based Virtual Printer, JavaOne, 1999
  • Mapping an Object-Oriented Design to a Real-time Operating System, Embedded Systems Conference, 1999