On Time | On Budget | Under Control

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

As a company, we are dedicated to the following vision and mission.

Our Vision:

Delivering what’s needed, on timeon budget, and under control.


Our Mission:

The mission of nFocal is to become the world’s preeminent product acceleration company. We have the opportunity, and the sacred obligation, to shape the destiny of our clients’ projects, and indeed the destiny of their companies. With each client engagement, we must drive that project towards a successful outcome. Why do we do this? The answer is simple – we hate failure and everything failure leads to. Instead our focus is always to drive towards success. These pathways may be difficult, but it can be surprisingly easy to find a way when we keep in mind our baseline principles.

  • Relentlessly interrogate reality
  • Provide leadership
  • Do what you say
  • Focus on achievements
  • Never give up

Following these principles will lead to the best possible service for our clients, personal success for our staff, and corporate success for nFocal due to a growing and satisfied client base.

We transform our vision and mission into reality by living and breathing the nFocal culture.