On Time | On Budget | Under Control

Our Culture

Our Culture


As a company, our primary focus is successfully delivering what is needed to our clients, on timeon budget, and under control.

To maintain this primary focus, we believe in the following cultural tenets:


  • Unrelenting leadership and guidance is the cornerstone for all our endeavors.
  • We must always demonstrate ownership, accountability, and responsibility, and must always avoid blame, excuses, and denial.
  • Each participant in every conversation employs active listening skills.
  • Exceptional verbal and written skills are necessary in all our communications.
  • Our commitments are always met.
  • Expectations regarding planned achievements are communicated in a concise manner, including the desired outcomes, realistic time frames to achieve the outcomes, and frequent status messages to demonstrate progress.
  • Our client engagements are always structured as win-win scenarios.
  • To actively engage with our stakeholders, we must understand their problem domains, challenge their preconceptions, and solve their real issues.
  • Our duty is to investigate all areas of opportunity where we may help our clients.
  • All employees share an understanding of the company business goals and finances, and how they apply to corporate operations.
  • We maintain a lean organization to enhance competitive advantages and provide cost-effective solutions.
  • Any issues that may affect personal, project, or corporate performance are identified early and addressed.
  • Learning is a core personal and corporate focus.
  • Skills are continually honed to prepare employees to step into other roles and projects.
  • We never give up.

At all times, each employee is an exemplary steward of these tenets while supporting the nFocal mission.

In addition, we agree to use IEEE Code of Ethics, as shown here, as the basis for our standard of conduct both individually and as an organization. We would like to thank the IEEE for their gracious permission to link to their Code of Ethics.