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nFocal’s Newly-Redesigned Web Site Goes Live

nFocal Inc today announced their newly-redesigned web site has gone live. The new web site reflects nFocal’s more focused business offerings, and features improved navigation, integration with nFocal blogging content, and the addition of an email contact form. The result is a web site that allows readers to quickly find relevant content. The new design comes as part of a company initiative for improved marketing and client service that began in June of 2011.

“nFocal’s new website was designed to provide current and prospective clients with specific information that is relevant to their needs,” says Steve Kapp, President of nFocal. “Our previous web site had many more pages and was not organized around our central themes, including product acceleration, change control, and predictable schedules. The new web site is much simpler and directly reflects our core values. In addition, our blogging content is now present in the new web site.”

The redesigned web site was developed by IDS Consulting, a leading provider of web site design services for small- and medium-sized businesses. “IDS Consulting did a fantastic job helping us to focus the message of the web site,” says Mr. Kapp. “IDS worked closely with our staff, and the end result is a web site that carries a consistent message and is visually stunning.”

About nFocal Inc:

nFocal Inc. is a professional services company that works with our clients’ internal product development teams, both large and small, to deliver products to market, on time and on budget. nFocal has four areas of concentration. Our Systems Engineering services draw upon our extensive experience with standard requirements and use case gathering and analysis, requirements management tools, and requirements-based testing to guide your development program in the right direction. Our Software Architecture services allow your product to be built upon a solid foundation that will both satisfy all of today’s requirements and permit your product to grow and evolve. Our Application Development services build applications for your product by connecting it to humans via user interfaces, and other devices via communications protocols. Our Machine to Machine (M2M) services bring your devices into the larger networked world and facilitate integrations with service organizations and other business partners. nFocal has worked on dozens of M2M projects, and has wide experience with various M2M toolkits.

For more information about nFocal and their services, visit the brand new site at www.nfocal.com.

About IDS Consulting:

IDS Consulting is a Rochester-based company specializing in web site design and hosting for small businesses. IDS Consulting always provides personalized service from this owner-operated business, which helps clients realize their full potential through internet, email, and social marketing services.

For more information about IDS Consulting and their services, visit their web site at www.consultids.com.